This refers to V. Gangadhar’s article on journalism (March 20). There are some professions like medicine and law for which academic qualification is a must. But there are some fields in which academic training helps but it is on-field experience that matters more. Politics, administration and journalism belong to this category.

In the latter part of the article, Mr. Gangadhar has voiced concern for the falling standards of journalism schools. That only reinforces the argument that the real training for a journalist happens on the field.

Arun Kant,

New Delhi

When we did our higher secondary in 1999, our chemistry lab demonstrator taught us theory too. A man from arts background was supposed to teach high school mathematics in the 1990s Assam. But the scenario has changed today. One needs a degree in science to teach even at the primary school level. If we can accept change in every field, why not in journalism?

Bharati Bharali,


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