There is so much vulgarity in our films, advertisements, etc. But religious fanatics do not seem to care. Instead, they find M.F. Husain's paintings obscene just because he is from a minority community. When the whole world praises Mr. Husain for his creative achievements, the communal forces in our own country have hounded him out in order to gain cheap popularity and political mileage.

M. Chidanand,


That Mr. Husain has been conferred the Qatar nationality is indeed a national shame. It points to the growing intolerance in our country. However, it is not right to argue that Islamic Qatar has accomplished what secular India failed to do. India is a secular country, where millions following different religions and faiths coexist with equal rights.

What Qatar has done is in conformity with its ideals as an Islamic state.

Seema Thomas,


The acceptance of Qatari nationality by Mr. Husain represents his symbolic protest against the harassment he faced in India from some sections. But it remains to be seen whether the Qatari nationality can restore his creative zest and licence.

As an Indian, I think he was much better off here. For, a majority of those whose sensibilities he allegedly injured are willing to stand up for his creative freedom.

N. Mahadevan,


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