The Pune bomb blast which claimed nine lives and injured over 50 people reinforces India’s lack of will to combat terrorism. The government, which has a dreary approach towards fighting terror, seemed to have gone into hibernation after the 26/11 Mumbai attack. The need of the hour is action, not empty rhetoric.

K. Chidanand Kumar,


One wonders when our leaders will succeed in drafting a policy for a safer India. What prevents them from adopting a national strategy to combat terrorism like the 4D strategy — Defeat, Deny, Diminish and Defend — the U.S. has followed since 9/11? The almost indefinite trial of terrorists and the failure to punish even those found guilty of perpetrating terror have caused incalculable harm to the country. At least now, a time-frame should be fixed for completing the cases of terrorism.

S. Prakash,


The Pune bomb blast exposed the lack of preparation and the holes in the city’s intelligence network. Our security agencies do not seem to have learnt anything from 26/11, despite knowing that David Headley had visited Pune.

With terrorism crossing the mountains of Kashmir and entering major urban centres which showcase India’s economic success, it is necessary to improve and make our intelligence agencies strong and effective.

Ramesh G. Jethwani,


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