For some years now, we are seeing painters — employed for whitewashing houses and commercial buildings — paint historical monuments in the fanciest of colours with no idea whatsoever of historical designs and architecture (“Stop preying on our heritage,” Sept. 1). I have seen, for instance, a fresh coat of red come up at Old Fort in New Delhi.

This February, Humayun’s tomb sparked a debate as it turned white. The government should consult conservationists, historians and archaeologists before embarking on such over-zealous restoration drives. Efforts should be made to preserve monuments as they are. Historical structures that are the glory of our past should not resemble newly constructed PWD buildings.

It is not enough to preserve only famous monuments that find themselves on the itinerary of tourists. It is equally important to preserve the not-so-famous ones. Another aspect not highlighted in the article is the menace of graffiti on monuments, which needs to be addressed seriously.

Ritvik Chaturvedi,

New Delhi

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