YSR's death is an immense loss to the nation and Andhra Pradesh in particular. He paid attention to the food, fodder and fuel of farmers. He became familiar with the problems of the rural poor during his Statewide padayatra. He was convinced that agriculture could not be compromised and took appropriate steps. His approach helped agriculture grow in the State between 2006 and 2008. The credit for establishing the first Special Agriculture Zone in Nellore to help the rural poor goes to YSR. His initiatives paid rich dividends. One hopes they will be pursued with the same vigour and commitment.

V. Rajagopal,



It is hard to find the likes of YSR. It takes years of experience in politics, coupled with commitment, to reach the masses. That is why his tragic death moved the common man. A little temperance would have prevented him from venturing into the skies in inclement weather - in a chopper meant for very short distances - and saved his life. It is important to serve the masses but it is more important to be able to serve for long.

S. Sujatha,



YSR was a true mass leader. He lived up to people's expectations and worked hard for their welfare. The innovative scheme such as Arogya Shree and 108 services introduced by him should be implemented throughout the country by the Centre and named after him.

Syed Najiullah,



YSR's immense popularity was reflected in the huge crowds that gathered at Kadapa where he was buried on Friday. Unlike his colleagues, YSR monitored the day-to-day progress of his government's welfare measures personally. His untimely death has deprived Andhra Pradesh of an able and efficient administrator.

L.R. Moorthy,



Everyone was shocked on hearing the news of YSR's death. Lakhs of people gathered for his funeral to pay their tributes to their leader. It was a reflection of the affection the people of the State had for YSR.

Kolar Dinesh Singh,



As I watched the solemn proceedings of YSR's funeral on television, what struck me was the behaviour of the people. There was no semblance of discipline and people jumped over barricades, ran helter-skelter pushing everyone, young and old. This is what the world got to see. We should hang our heads in shame.

Sanghamitra Malik,


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