It was shocking to read the report, “‘Andhra-domicile’ staff can’t work in Telangana: KCR” (May 23). Does not the TRS president know that Telangana is also governed by the Constitution which bestows a dignified lenience to any citizen to live in any part of India irrespective of language and region? I hope this move of his does not go unchallenged.

C. Subramaniam,


Mr. Rao is stirring up trouble. He must stop this ill-advised move immediately. It is a step that warrants condemnation from all concerned. The Constitution guarantees a citizen a livelihood in any part of India. It is absurd that a Chief Minister-elect, who is going to take an oath under the same Constitution, is making such a statement. I hope that Mr. Modi steps in and pulls up Mr. Rao.

Choodamani E.V.,


It is ironic that while Mr. Modi is building bridges between the SAARC neighbours, petty-minded Chief Ministers-in-waiting in Indian States are dividing people. The apprehension expressed before the creation of Telangana was that intra-State disputes would become inter-State ones. This rings true after K. Chandrasekhar Rao fired his first salvo. From time immemorial, Telugu-speaking people have lived as brothers and sisters. Politicians who want to drive a wedge among the people need to be put in their place. The creation of a war-like situation will not be in the interest of either State. Articles 19(5), 19(6) and 21 should be read out to Mr. Rao. A calm and dispassionate dialogue must take place between Telangana and Seemandhra.

R. Sampath,


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