Some years ago, I had written that society owes a deep debt of gratitude to the Lalgudi family for preserving the purity and beauty of Carnatic classical music. As one listened to a concert by Jayaraman or any member of his family, a striking point one noticed was that there were practically no flat notes in their playing, on the violin or the veena. The aim of this tradition is to ensure the beauty of music.

Venkatamakhi has explained the tradition that every swara should start from the previous swara. This contributed to continuity in music and ensured the beauty and attractiveness of the art. Another ancient tradition quoted by Venkatamakhi is that there is no such thing as missing swaras in ragas. The tradition has been that a singer glides over the missing swara without completely eliminating it. One can clearly notice these traditions of Tyagaraja so affectionately preserved by the Lalgudi family.

G. Dwarakanath,


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