This refers to the two reports “Pranab not to cast his vote” (May 10) and “Pranab to favour stable government” (May 11). I am taken aback by the President’s decision to refrain from exercising his franchise to “ensure neutrality.” On the contrary, before the first phase of the general election, as the first citizen of the country, Mr. Mukherjee should have voted by special arrangement. By doing this he would have impressed upon voters across the country to discharge their democratic duties without fail. This action could have been televised across the country.

I still remember the photograph of former President K. R. Narayanan standing in queue, along with other voters, to cast his vote. I am also reminded of how the two Italian marines, charged with killing two Indian fishermen, went back to Italy only to cast their votes.

When voting is that important, the President could have revised his decision.



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