The editorial “Delhi is powerless” (August 1), written in whomsoever-it-may-concern style, was apt. The most important point, in my view, was the statement that power grid collapses have occurred elsewhere too but they have been due to the oddity of nature, not poor planning as in the case of the three grids that collapsed for a second time in two days plunging half the country in darkness.

We are proving time and again that we are not proactive and that our foresightedness is nil. The fact that people across 21 States had to live without power for several hours points to grave indiscipline in the power distribution system. It warrants corrections on a war footing.

P.L. Thomas,


Delhi is already powerless due to coalition compulsions. The grid collapse resulted in a total blackout in the north and east. Rail commuters were the worst hit. Lack of discipline in electricity boards, transmission losses, free power to some sections driven by vote bank considerations are some of the causes that contributed to the breakdown. India has great solar power potential but governments have ignored it.

A. Ramanathan,


The massive breakdown for the second time in two days points to the alarming situation in the power sector. The matter should be given top priority as electricity plays the most important role in not only the country’s development, but also people’s day-to-day lives. Twentyone States plunging into darkness is not a minor issue. Thank god, the trapped miners in Jharkhand and West Bengal were rescued.

T.V. Nageswara Rao,


The large-scale power outage was the outcome of poor and unscientific power policy, systemic failures and administrative lapses. One hopes someone will own up responsibility and learn from the disgraceful episode.

Richard Hay,


The breakdown of the power grid in the north and the east should serve as a wake-up call to our security agencies. Imagine a scenario where we have such a massive power collapse and a 9/11 kind of attack or an air strike. Trains will come to a standstill directly affecting the mobilisation of troops. Communication will be disrupted. Air defence systems will be thrown out of gear. I may be talking Robert Ludlum. Or, am I?

Romy Sakharia,



Delhi is powerlessAugust 1, 2012

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