This is a short reflection on the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to step down citing health reasons and lack of strength to lead the Church. Although this was rather unexpected, the Pope has been true to his belief that when one is incapable of discharging his duties efficiently, he should have the courage to step down.

Some traditionalists may feel the Pope’s decision is not proper but I feel he has done the right thing. God will rise to lead his flock. We hope and pray that the Church will get a good leader, preferably from outside Europe.

Fr. Varghese Manimala,


The new Pope has a challenging task ahead of him. To knit together 1.2 billion Catholics is no easy venture amid the growing disconnect between faith and reason. In these times of power hungry clergy and rulers, Pope Benedict XVI has shown what renunciation is — when the spirit and body conflict with each other. How the new Pope functions in the area of gender justice, secular values and population stability without axing some components of Faith remains to be seen.

A. Victor Frank,


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