It was quite amusing to read Finance Minister P. Chidambaram’s clarification that he never used the phrase ‘zero loss’ while talking about the coal blocks allocation (Aug. 29). As the Editor has rightly responded, what is the difference between asking ‘where is the loss,’ and saying “zero loss”? A person with even a rudimentary knowledge of English will agree that both mean the same.

K. Ravi Kumar,


It is clear that Mr. Chidambaram’s words implied ‘zero loss.’ Such a clarification is not expected from the Finance Minister of the country.

Narasimha Kulkarni,


Mr. Chidambaram’s weird reasoning that a loss can occur only when coal is taken out of mother earth, Sonia Gandhi’s declaration of war on the BJP, applauded by the UPA coterie, and the lost-to-reason demand by the Opposition that the Prime Minister resign — all these show one thing for certain. Our politicians have no thought to spare for the nation which is already on a slippery economic path and has no clue on how to control the negative agenda of various destructionist elements. The scam ridden UPA II, which has already done enough harm, is out to gag the CAG.

K.R.A. Narasiah,


The editorial “Waiting for winter” (Aug. 29) has rightly cautioned the Congress against the perils of trying to meet a belligerent opposition with aggressive posturing without making any effort to win back public trust. The BJP did not invent the coal scam. It was exposed by the CAG. An electoral victory sanctions the privilege to rule, not misrule.

If the Congress managers ask a cross-section of people whether they are satisfied with the government’s response to various scams, they will realise that the party’s image has sunk to a new low.

V.N. Mukundarajan,


With the BJP finding it increasingly difficult to sustain its bellicose stance towards the Congress on Coalgate, the Congress appears to have embarked on the path of counter-aggression.

With both sides locked in a fierce political battle, neither wanting to cede an inch to the other, the monsoon session of Parliament is under the dire threat of being washed out.

Pradyut Hande,


Hazaaron jawabon se achchi hai meri khamoshi — this is what Dr. Singh said while breaking his khamoshi (silence) on the coal scam. It would have been better had he continued to remain silent because he has only made matters worse. Ms Gandhi’s remark that blackmailing has become the bread and butter of the BJP has misfired with the BJP saying kickbacks and commissions are the staple diet of the Congress. There seems to be no end to the war of words. The whole world is watching the filthy drama in the largest democracy.

S.A. Madhan,


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