Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s remark that his government is unable to spur economic growth because of the lack of political consensus on many issues is interesting. It is well known that the present slowdown is due to the opposition by a few coalition partners of the UPA. The opposition parties are jealous of UPA-II and do not want Dr. Singh to succeed. The government is not inactive as made out by the media. It is just that parties do not want the credit to go to UPA-II on FDI or Lokpal.

D. Subramaniam,


Dr. Singh’s Independence Day speech was only an exercise to mark the ceremony. Although the Lokpal found a mention, there was no reference to any time-frame to pass the Bill. What more can we expect from a Prime Minister who supported and defended A. Raja who, thanks to the judiciary, is facing trial in the 2G case? The word ‘mandate’ is being misused by the Congress. ‘Mandate’ in a democracy does not mean licence for inaction.

Varadan Krishnamurthy,


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