This refers to article “The Prime Minister and the CBI” (May 10). Even with the Supreme Court in the picture, in connection with the various cases of corruption, the premier investigating agency does not appear to be entirely free from political interference.

N. Ramamurthy,



As a politician, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh knows well that his position is akin to holding a wolf by the ears, and must note the the lines by English poet Francis Quarles (1592-1644) who, in his Historie of Sampson (1631), said: “I have a Wolfe by th'eares; I dare be bold; Neither with safety, to let go, nor hold: What shall I do?”

Mahalingam Yaaman,



How far the CBI will be allowed to function independently is anyone's guess. It must be delinked from the Home Ministry and allowed to function as an independent body.

G. Ramachandran,


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