When I picked up my copy of The Hindu from the vendor during my morning walk, I was pleasantly surprised to see some changes in it, notably the change in font size which is more pleasing to the eye. Other inclusions on page one, the prominent display of city temperatures and place of publication, and briefs on editorial and op-ed articles are also welcome.

The Letters column has got a fresh look. The launch of the Right to Walk campaign is laudable. The Hindu has yet again proved that it is committed to quality and responsible journalism.

R. Sivakumar,


As an ardent reader of The Hindu for almost seven decades, it is my pleasure to convey my view that the columns “Short Takes” and “Singles” provide a refreshing change and add elegance to the daily. Reading news has become more interesting and enjoyable.

K.D. Viswanaathan,


A pleasant surprise awaited me on Monday (July 1). Arguably the best national daily, The Hindu in its new avatar is a delight to read. The use of info-graphics, images, borders and alignment is a welcome step. The changes introduced in the presentation of news and views have made reading more interesting.

Shreyans Jain,


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