It is unfortunate that some people bend the rules meant for their benefit, unmindful of the consequences (“Pilgrims’ distress,” July 24).

The Centre and the Jammu and Kashmir government should take a serious view of the rising number of deaths on the Amarnath yatra and implement effective and foolproof measures, including posting trained medical and para-medical personnel, along the arduous route. It is not enough to create medical aid posts.

G. Kulandaivelu, Karaikal

I went to Amarnath with a group of railway employees. The entire process from reserving tickets to getting permission was done by our team leader. After one hour of trekking, I was exhausted and could not move an inch. I engaged a pony to Seshnag which I reached well before lunch. Next day, I did not risk climbing. I went on horseback up to Chandanwari.

Apart from breathing problems, one has to battle the cold weather (the temperature sometimes reaches minus 5 degrees Celsius). Doctor certificates are issued across the counter without physical verification. That may be the reason for so many deaths.

S.P. Kumar, Chennai

Aged pilgrims should not be allowed to embark on the yatra. Multi-stage health screening is a must. Standard procedures should be in place to prevent a pilgrim from proceeding further if he or she is not able to cope.

Camping facilities should be upgraded so that pilgrims can weather the harsh conditions. That many pilgrims taking the faith trip lose their lives is ironical.

Shailendra Shinde, Pune

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