Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s persistent demand that the Centre sell the five per cent stake it proposed to divest in Neyveli Lignite Corporation to Tamil Nadu has yielded a positive response, and paved the way for the withdrawal of the 13-day strike by NLC employees. Aside from the large-scale disruptions in a power-starved State, the strike was threatening to become a law and order problem. The Centre, too, did well to agree to the genuine request by the State.

It is further gratifying to learn that the wish of the great leader K. Kamaraj — that the Centre share the profits from the NLC — came true on his 110th birthday.

Rettavayal S. Krishnaswamy,


It is amazing to know that Ms Jayalalithaa’s perseverance led to the realisation of former Chief Minister Kamaraj’s wish that Tamil Nadu get a share in the NLC’s profit. The rare photograph of Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamaraj in a joyful mood was pleasing.

A. Jainulabdeen,


The sale of NLC stake to Tamil Nadu PSUs is a win-win situation for both the State and the Centre. The decision is a demonstration of good governance. The exchange of thanks between Ms Jayalalithaa and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is welcome. Both the leaders deserve to be congratulated on the maturity they displayed in handling the critical issue.

K. Venkatasubramanian,



Kamaraj’s wish comes true July 16, 2013

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