The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan should strive to resolve the tensions along the Line of Control. Setting up a mechanism to restore peace and tranquillity along the Jammu and Kashmir border will help resolve the issue. Let us usher in peace, harmony, brotherhood and healthy relationship through bilateral dialogue.

Rambabu Botcha, New Delhi

The killing of a fellow human being — an Indian, a Pakistani or any other national — is cruel. When it has become abundantly clear that the armies of India and Pakistan have failed to keep the LoC free from tension, why can’t the two countries assign the work of maintaining ceasefire along the LoC to an international army under the control and supervision of the U.N.? Let us not be blinded by false notions of national honour and sovereignty. Let us understand that, for the sake of saving invaluable lives, no price is too high, the shedding of false pride included.

S.P. Asokan, Chennai

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