September 12, 2010 was a rare day — a day without any newspapers. There are three types of people who read newspapers. The first group consists of those who just scan through the headlines while sipping their morning tea/coffee. Then we have those who go through every page to find out if their names have appeared — if they have made a speech, attended a meeting, or said something about someone. Politicians belong to this category. The third group consists of the few who look at the editorial page to see if their letter has been published. September 12 was an extremely disappointing day for the readers. Even pet dogs had a strange day since they had no chance to bark at the newspaper vendor.

For all those addicted to the newspaper, such ‘paperless' days are hard to spend. Especially for senior citizens who read every page, every column to spend their hard earned leisure.

M.V. Nahusharaj,


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