One wonders why the Congress, the DMK, the BSP and the SP rejected the report of the Public Accounts Committee on the 2G scam. The draft report looked fair. The entire country knows the UPA government is involved in the 2G scam. The Congress and the DMK cannot be expected to accept the report because it is not in their favour. Unfortunately, they do not seem to be worried about the loot of public money.

For the government to now say that the matter will be looked into by the JPC is unfair. Initially, it claimed that the PAC was enough to inquire into the 2G scam — and that a JPC was unnecessary — and it has now taken a U-turn.

Abhay Singh,


The Congress and its allies should assume responsibility for the 2G scam and accept the PAC report. That the Supreme Court is monitoring the investigation into the scam shows there is evidence of corruption in spectrum allocation. It is not fair to oppose the report on flimsy grounds. I hope good sense will prevail and the MPs will stop politicising the report.

Krishna Tingrikar,


The rejection of the draft PAC report by the ruling coalition shows that there is no change in its attitude of scuttling democratic processes and rejecting committee reports which do not suit it. If members of the panel disagree with the findings, they can record their disagreement — against every finding if necessary. Instead they chose to block the submission of the report, removed the PAC chairman, elected Saifuddin Soz of the Congress in his place, and they now want to probe the leakage of the draft report, not the scam. Whatever happened to the Congress' stand that constitutional bodies should not be undermined? Instead of undermining the PAC, the Congress and its allies should table the report even if they disagree with the findings as people have the right to know the contents.



This refers to the report that the PAC draft report puts the 2G loss at Rs.1.9 lakh crore. The figures of the loss to the exchequer have varied from time to time. On reading about the PAC estimate, I was reminded of an anecdote involving George Bernard Shaw. A woman in a gorgeous dress came to him and asked: “Sir, can you guess my age?” Shaw, in his characteristic wit, replied she looked 20 by appearance, 25 from her make-up, and 10 from her intelligence. And added that, on the whole, she must be around 55.

Whether the loss in the 2G scam is in tens, thousands, or lakhs of crores, it should be investigated. It is not about the loss alone. It is also about honesty and integrity.

B. Sathyanarayanan,


Former Telecom Minister A. Raja has been accused of ignoring the Prime Minister, the PMO, the Law and Justice Ministry, the Finance Ministry, the Telecom Commission and TRAI. It is difficult to believe that a single person could manipulate so much. I am sure others are involved.

R. Gopalakrishnan,


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