Truth lasts forever and can be told any number of times, but one fails to understand the purpose of the “untold story” of Operation Blue Star now (June 10). The operation also resulted in a large number of Sikh soldiers taking the law (and arms) into their hands and rushing towards Amritsar in military vehicles. The Army dealt with the situation objectively, treating the incident as an aberration in an otherwise disciplined regiment, without giving it a political or communal colour. Consequently, the large number of Sikh soldiers remained firmly apolitical and loyal. Notwithstanding the merits or demerits of Operation Blue Star, the nation owes a deep debt of gratitude to Sikh soldiers for their continued patriotism and devotion to duty.

Major General A.B. Gorthi,


Even after almost 30 years, I am not sure what the Sikhs wanted from the government. Is it or is it not against any religion to hoard arms and ammunition in places of worship? Does a criminal who hides in a temple expect to be given amnesty? While so much of fuss is made about the army action, nobody has a word of praise for the unknown soldier who lost his life in the operation.

Panchaksharam Selvarajan,


Wide coverage to the new documentary on Operation Blue Star will only reopen the wounds of Sikhs. What is going to be achieved by brooding over the past and unravelling the army ‘outrage’? The incident may be true but in what way will recalling it help heal the wounds of the Sikh community? Should we interfere with the normal healing process?

J.P. Reddy,


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