Of all the articles published in TheHindu coinciding with “Teacher's Day,” it was the one titled “Our sterling teacher in the prison” (Sept.17) that flowed from Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim's heart, rather than his pen. Sister Ethu Kutty's ability to transform a prisoner into someone who is capable of writing an “arresting” piece speaks volumes of her skills and strong belief in herself.

B.V. Kumar, Nellore.

Stingy messages do spoil the language (“Stingy texts in vogue, God save the English language!” Sept. 17). When I bought a cellphone for the first time, my friends started sending me stingy texts. Initially I found it difficult but I too started to send them in the same way. In class when our teacher dictated notes, I found it very easy to write using such short language. But it was a mistake. Unknowingly, I used short language and scored low in my University exams. Now I text friends not omitting any letter.

Sheena Narayanan, Hyderabad.

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