The article “Stingy texts in vogue, God save the English language!” (Sept. 18) should open the eyes of all those who misuse the English language while utilising the SMS facility in cellphones.

We hail from a society where the language is considered a form of life and any insult to it is termed as sacrilege.

When there is a proper keypad on every phone, we should desist from such grave omissions which take away the beauty and elegance of the language.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan, Srirangam.

Mohamed Ibrahim's touching essay (“Our sterling teacher in the prison,” Sept. 18) on a totally unusual subject was amazing. The dedication of Sister Ethu Kutty and her thankless job is bound to bring tears to readers' eyes. The power of writing that Mr. Ibrahim had developed and the truthful communication he has been able to pass on have all been bestowed from the unending stream of love, affection, care and concern of that wonderful teacher. If one person could make all the difference in a place like a central prison, how else could one define a humane approach?

S.V. Venugopalan, Chennai.

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