The Hindu deserves praise for conducting its first ever ‘open house’ convened by the Readers’ Editor (July 21). What I admire among the readers of The Hindu is their solidarity — the feeling that it is their own newspaper, even if they disagree on some issues. I hope The Hindu will organise such interaction in different parts of the country.

E. Rajakumar Arulanandham,


The open house reaffirms the organic relationship that exists between The Hindu and its readers. My bonding with the newspaper becomes stronger when some of my acquaintances refer to me as “The Hindu man of Perundurai” because many of my writings have been published in the paper over four decades.

People read The Hindu because it adheres to the nine fundamental elements of journalism as enunciated by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel. It teaches us how to contextualise situations. It has upheld the spirit of genuine journalism for over 134 years.

T. Rama Prasad,


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