The molestation of a young girl by a mob in Guwahati is one among the many crimes committed against women across the country. It came to light because it took place in public.

The journalist who shot the incident deserves to be lauded. Thanks to him, the men who indulged in the gruesome act were caught on camera. I hope the issue is not forgotten after some time.

P.S. Suvarnna,


The trauma and agony suffered by the young girl for no fault of hers are unimaginable. By not helping the girl, the passive onlookers and those who videographed the incident have become morally culpable. The incident is a pointer to the fact that anti-social elements think they can misbehave with girls and young women who frequent pubs in a manner they fancy.

S. Nagarajan,


People are generally afraid of intervening when such incidents take place. In many instances, the goons have high connections. The complainant is harassed by the police. But where corrupt officials and criminals do not have protection, people take the law into their hands. In rural Assam, engineers, doctors, government officials, policemen and even army jawans have become victims of the common man’s wrath.

Apurba K. Baruah,


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