The report that preacher Zakir Naik has been banned by the United Kingdom from going to that country because of his alleged extremist views (June 19) comes as a surprise. Dr. Naik has been educating us about Islam through his references from the Holy Koran and the Sahi Hadith. I have never found anything radical in his talks.

Tufail Ahmed Quddus,


The report's description of Dr. Naik as “a radical Muslim preacher from India” and the words “known for his often inflammatory television sermons” were unfortunate. Has the writer heard any of Dr. Naik's sermons? Had he watched his programmes, he would have known that Dr. Naik is fighting a lone battle to bring various communities together by highlighting the common points of various religions.

Syed Alimuddin Raaj,


The U.K. has done the right thing by banning the radical televangelist from entering the country. The freedom misused by such extremist preachers has confused some of the Muslim youth. The U.K. government's act is similar to the refusal of visa to Narendra Modi. The Indian government, too, should take note of the divisive role played by Dr. Naik and keep a close watch on his so-called peace jamborees.

Kasim Sait,


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