The article (“The myth of the wasted vote,” April 21) glorifies voting beyond measure. A vote is the currency of a political economy; the fuel of democracy, but it is in no way the soul of citizenship itself as the writer has tried to portray. Just as money and petrol can be wasted, so can a vote. One can afford to be idealistic in philosophy, but in politics one can ignore pragmatism only at his/her own peril. Voting can be both positive, that is, to vote any party in power, or negative, that is, to keep any party out of power. And to make negative voting count, it is essential that every vote counts.

Mayank Mundhra,

New Delhi

A vote is an opinion of a citizen about the kind of leadership she or he wants. To term any vote as a wasted vote for it being not in conformity with majoritarian opinion will be sad. Voting represents freedom of expression and it is only through free and individual expression that democracy derives its power. Voting only to find comfort in a majoritarian view signifies only a herd mentality. The true spirit of democracy can be valued only when every citizen’s point of view finds expression. I appeal to all eligible voters to vote, even if they want to press the NOTA button.

Vishwajeet Chaudhary

New Delhi

Wasting a vote happens only when a vote is not cast. Also, it is the choice of the voter to decide who is to govern. People today are clear about their choices. If they do not like anyone, they will opt for NOTA.

How many of us have really thought about a new government that could change our lives? Let us appreciate those who have voted for a new leader and voted for him/her even if they were in a minority.

Carani Yamini,


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