I agree that sheer political opportunism is behind the proposal to enlarge the proposed state of Telangana by adding Kurnool and Anantapur to it from the Rayalaseema region (editorial, “Dangerous opportunism,” Dec. 4). The future of the Telugu people is bleak as the proposed move will cause irreparable damage to both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. People should be cautious while electing their new government in 2014.

Pudi Pavan Kumar,


The entire federal structure will be in danger if parties start placing political gains above development. From day one, parties have taken the people of Andhra Pradesh for granted by talking about alliance formation and electoral gains. No one seems to care about overall growth and tranquillity.

S.A. Srinivasa Sarma,


It is time for MPs from Andhra Pradesh to stand up and be counted by taking a decision and proving their loyalty to the people who have elected them or their party. Are they so toothless as to follow the dictum of the Centre?

Y.R. Rao,


Cartoonscape (Dec. 3) was outstanding. The ugly face of opportunistic politics is visible, with the Congress high command now focussing its attention on “Rayala-Telangana” so that it can neutralise threats. Leaders of Seemandhra seem to have given up their fight with the Centre for “status quo AP,” as power seems to be in sight. The Congress would do well to remember it is committing another blunder.

B.V. Kumar,


How can the Congress ignore historical and ground realities and go in for “Rayala-Telangana,” when there is no basis for any cultural affinity between Telangana and the two districts? What we see is political opportunism at its worst. Without further dilly-dallying, the Congress should push for legislation for the formation of a Telangana state, with Hyderabad as the capital. This will save Andhra Pradesh from plunging into further turmoil.

Mohd. Abdul Sattar,



Dangerous opportunismDecember 4, 2013

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