Successive governments in Andhra Pradesh and the Centre have allowed the Telangana issue to fester for over four decades. It has become a weapon for disgruntled politicians and leaders who hold no post or power. For the common man, the formation of smaller States means nothing except but more Ministers and more bureaucrats. Other than increased expenditure on salaries and other establishment charges, there is no visible development in any of the newly formed States.

A. Uma Devi,


After the formation of Andhra Pradesh, successive governments did nothing tangible to promote emotional integration among the people of the three regions. This led to fissures gaining ground. This was made worse by the alleged big-brotherly attitude of the people of Rayalaseema and the Andhra region towards Telangana.

B. Seetharam,


The argument that the demand for a separate Telangana is sudden is incorrect. Voices for a separate State were first raised in 1956 but they were silenced. Again, in 1969 the people of the region were taken for a ride, thanks to the politics played by the Telangana Praja Samithi. As for those clamouring for a united Andhra Pradesh, they would do well to do some soul-searching on their present stand vis-à-vis their earlier stance, when the bifurcation of the Madras State was demanded in the early 1950s.

Seshagiri Row Karry,


The people of the Andhra region have complicated the issue by advancing the “samaikya” idea. Let those who have invested heavily in Hyderabad settle their problems with the leaders of the new Telengana State.

The ordinary people of the region should stop thinking on the lines of a united Andhra. Let the people of the Andhra and the Telangana region part amicably.

S.B.V.R. Shastry,


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