I don’t agree that the fact students of IITs and IIMs are sought after by international business houses proves that their professors are doing a fine job of giving them world class education (“Don’t blame it on the professor,” Sept. 17). Any institute is ranked on the basis of quality research, not merely its placement record. There has been no remarkable achievement by any institute in India, including the IITs and the IIMs, in the field of research. The credit for good placement goes to students who get through the tough selection procedure.

Professors can play a constructive role only if they inspire young bright minds to go for research. Had they done so, our universities would have been among the top 100 in the world.

Arun Kant,

New Delhi

The reality is that almost all colleges recruit lecturers and professors on a contract basis or ad hoc basis. Vacancies are not filled up regularly.

Talented professors leave when they find better jobs. Unless professors enjoy job security, the education scene in India will not improve.

A. Sowrirajan,


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