The article, “The divide that never was” (Nov. 14), was well-argued. But the larger issue is the trend among our political parties to make claims and counter-claims on freedom-fighters and their legacies. The appropriation of our national heroes by a political party will only distort history and end up doing more injustice to their legacies. Our leaders did not fight for a particular party or community. They fought for India and they belong to India.

Velpula Ramanujam,

New Delhi

The article highlights, citing facts, the wonderful relationship that existed between Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel. Neither BJP leaders nor Nehru-Gandhi loyalists seem to appreciate this. To ignore the mutual respect and affection the leaders had for each other, and dwell only on their differences of perception, is nothing but an attempt to distort history and divide people.

R. Ravichandran,


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