I am 66 and I live alone. But I don't feel lonely. I think it is all in the mind. I walk about 5 km every day. I read, watch television, browse the Internet and play computer games. I have no time to brood. I talk to relatives and friends but there are times when for days I don't get to talk to anybody. My generation treated the elders with respect but very few today do so. We should take it in our stride. In my view, freedom begins at 60. Nobody tells you what to do. Old age is about having fun, not cribbing.

R. Ganesh,



The traditional joint family system is fast disappearing. We have no control over it in this fast changing globalised world; but nothing prevents the present and future senior citizens from sticking to certain family values like respect to elders and a spirit of renunciation (simple living and high thinking). Those who have retired from active life and are fortunate to maintain a reasonable standard of living can use their surplus time, energy and funds to support the less fortunate elders and create a selfless network to ensure a dignified life for them.

G. Swaminathan,


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