I don’t agree with Shashi Tharoor’s opinion that October 2, Gandhiji’s birth anniversary, should be a working day. It is a day to remember the great leader. It is people’s responsibility to do what they can to make the day meaningful. Making October 2 a working day because some people waste time will prevent Gandhiji’s true followers from remembering him in the way they want.

Balaji Karmegam,


Those who insist on working on Gandhi Jayanti should tell us whether they think of work as worship on all working days. In this fast and furious world, it is possible for us to forget October 2 if it is not declared a holiday.

N. Jayaprasad,


Every country has its holiday schedule and we are no different. The argument that holidays result in loss of productivity is unsubstantiated. If employees work all 365 days a year, we will still experience a decline in productivity due to lack of rest. It is necessary to have holidays, more so, in the memory of the Father of the Nation. It is the only way many would remember Mahatma Gandhi.

S. Balaji,


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