On reading the article “Why hustle us into marriage?” (Aug. 29) by S. Sathya, I was reminded of some girls who were with me in Class 12. They got married early because of their parents' pressure. Most of them have become mothers today although they are very young. Parents generally feel having a grown-up daughter at home is fraught with risks. Also, the marital age of girls in our society is lower than that of men. Only parents can put an end to such inequalities and beliefs.

Y. John Richard,


It is true that for a woman, childbirth becomes a challenge if she is past her prime. But to hurry her into marriage when she has her mind set on a career is unwelcome. A career assures security and boosts a woman's self-confidence. It is not wrong to hope for the best but it is wise to prepare oneself to tackle difficult situations independently. And to do that, a girl needs to work. Parents should encourage their daughters to be self-supportive and grant them the freedom to design their future.

C. Anupama,


We cannot have everything in life. If it is a successful career that a woman wants, her family life is bound to suffer. Life will become meaningless if a marriage does not lead to a peaceful home and the proper breeding of children.

P. Poovalingam,


The 20-something girls who are interested in building a career are constantly told by their parents that they will soon have to get married. I am only 18 and in college, but my mother keeps threatening me that she will get me married in two or three years if I don't make a good career.

I request parents to understand their daughters and give them enough time and space to build a career. They have a right to live lives their own way.

Brinda Basak,

New Delhi

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