Steps to operationalise the Kudankulam nuclear power plant go on uninterrupted after the Supreme Court on Monday disposed of a public suit seeking to halt its commissioning has come as a bitter disappointment.

The certificate that the n-plant is “safe and necessary” doesn’t make it any safer. The examples of Third Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima remain incontrovertible as ever. The apex court has to look into the critical systems installed in the plant in detail.

G. David Milton,


The green signal to the plant is a welcome development. The judgment will pave the way for establishment of more nuclear plants and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The court has rightly stated that nuclear energy is important for the country’s growth and that a balance has to be struck between the right to life and sustainable development. It is now for the government to follow all such safety measures as prescribed by the Supreme Court.

Jetling Yellosa,


The historic decision will now be greeted with a sigh of relief. People and industrial units in interior parts of Tamil Nadu are facing unprecedented load-shedding of more than 12 hours duration a day. Perhaps, the State can now look forward to better days on the power front.

R. Donjeba,


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