The article, “Kashmir: fewer troops, more peace” (Jan. 21), showcased the true reality in Jammu & Kashmir. There is no denying that there have been instances of human rights violations. As the writer pointed out, there has been a decline in insurgency and violence in the region. Therefore, the government should take appropriate initiatives to restore true democracy there without being wary of the fact that it will create a threat to the State.

Ankur Yadav,

Etah, Uttar Pradesh

The security concerns in J&K are affecting not just the locals. The Kashmiri Pandits, exiled and consistently ignored by the media around the world, cannot possibly return until there is normalcy in the State. Normalcy is not possible in the presence of antithetical viewpoints, among Hindus and Muslims, regarding the fate of the State. The debate over J&K’s security can be, to a large extent, resolved if only there is accord among the people of the Valley. Until and unless the residents of the State have a common understanding, India and Pakistan cannot be expected to resolve their differences over the region.

Tariq Ahmed Lone,



Kashmir: fewer troops, more peaceJanuary 21, 2014

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