The UPA government has at last announced the setting up of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to probe the irregularities in the 2G spectrum allocation. It is now the responsibility of the Opposition to bring out the truth in the scam. The JPC is armed with the CAG report, the Supreme Court monitored CBI investigation and various media reports. The government, too, should cooperate in the probe, without yielding to any coalition compulsions, so that it can regain its credibility.

C.R. Ananthanarayanan,


The JPC is a victory for the media, especially The Hindu, which played a crucial role in bringing the spectrum scam to light. The UPA government's decision is, no doubt, a little late in the day but better late than never. At the same time, the nation is eager to know whether the UPA government proposes to constitute JPCs for all other scams.

C. Saritha,


The constitution of a JPC to probe the 2G spectrum scam is a step in the right direction. Had the UPA government taken the decision earlier, the winter session of Parliament could have been conducted smoothly. It would have saved a lot of money. The JPC's terms of reference should cover all aspects of the scam, including steps to prevent such scams in future.

Jetling Yellosa,


The editorial “Now for a purposeful JPC” (Feb. 22) is right in saying that the JPC must empower itself to discover broader and deeper aspects of the truth, and should be transparent. Everyone knows that today, politics is steeped in corruption. Most politicians spend their black money to get elected and earn more than what they invested, especially if they land a lucrative post or portfolio.

The common man is required to possess a minimum qualification to get a job. But there are no tests or special colleges to train politicians. I think we should have schools and colleges that teach the art of politics. Only those who pass out of them should be eligible to contest elections. These institutions should have a course on moral values, cultural values, and train their students in presentation, giving interviews, conducting press meets, etc. This may improve the quality of governance.

S. Mahaboob Basha,


The BJP's demand that the JPC's terms of reference should include multiple corruption scams is not pointless. The issue is not just the massive loss caused to the exchequer by the scams. It is also about corruption and nepotism that have engulfed the nation. The losses quantify a case but all the scams have the same basis — corruption.

Shweta Hasija,


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