The concluding part of the article “Blues by the Arabian Sea” (April 7), which said “Though a group of diehards continue to swear by it, jazz has almost faded,” is misleading.

We must understand that jazz, by its very nature, is esoteric. It is different from other types of music. Without appearing to be immodest, I can lay claim to being one of the possessors of one of the finest collection of rare and beautiful jazz CDs and DVDs though I am not formally educated in music and can play no instrument. I am aware that jazz music is essentially improvisational and, unlike other music, it cannot be played by rote. The skill and the melody can move and captivate you for hours.

I was greatly inspired and humbled when I attended a jazz concert by the Hank Jones Trio in the U.S. during my last visit there. The huge audience, I could observe, enjoyed the music of this octogenarian with rapt and respectful attention. There was a deafening applause after the double bass played solo for almost 10 minutes. Jazz music might be dead in India but is very much alive in the U.S. and Europe.

T.S. Krishnamoorthy,



Blues by the Arabian SeaApril 7, 2012

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