Episodes like the horrific murder of Mohsin Shaikh in Pune and the death of Nido Tania in New Delhi highlight the levels to which certain sections of society are being intolerant on the one hand and vulnerable on the other (Editorial, “No tolerance for hate crimes,” June 7). Social media have empowered “foul” elements to spread hate and malice with ease. In the backdrop of such incidents, it is incumbent upon the new government to take a tough stand when such incidents occur. Legislation needs to be revised. Insensitive statements such as the one by the BJP MP from Pune, on “repercussions” being “natural”, must be condemned at the highest political levels. It needs to be made clear to all, irrespective of political affiliation, that there has to be accountability.

Shwetta Bhagat,


There can be no two opinions that hate crimes have to be put down with an iron hand. But tokenism in the form of mere statements of condemnation from leaders will not help. The Home Ministry should ask for a report from the State government, which alone has jurisdiction in such cases. One should wait for details of firm action from all concerned.

R. Venugopal,


Narendra Modi made a good beginning as Prime Minister by inviting SAARC leaders for his swearing-in ceremony, to ensure regional peace. But to ensure domestic peace, he should nip in the bud the vengeful activities of certain fanatic Hindutva groups and disprove the apprehensions of some political parties and the public that the BJP’s ascent would be disastrous for social harmony.

A. Jainulabdeen,


The offence committed by the extremist religious outfit against an innocent individual is ghastly. Worse is the insensitive comment made by the BJP MP from Pune. We, the young voters of India, came out in support of the BJP in the recent general elections, placing our trust in the party while overlooking all the shades of supposed religious fanaticism that exist in it. We hope and expect that a strong leadership will bring about not only economic development, but also social harmony in the country. In light of these expectations, comments such as the one made by the MP are uncalled for. The party should look towards reconstructing its mindset with regard to such matters so that our faith in it remains intact.

Pooja Thatte,


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