The ruckus and the controversy over UPA-appointed Governors (“Gujarat Governor transferred,” and Governors in the firing line,” both July 7) shows that the NDA/BJP-government has a great opportunity to start politics afresh, free from hatred citing precedent. Most of us yearn for change without resort to any dirty politics.

F. Swapnil,


The government obviously wants to ease out Governors in order to avoid any impediments to the implementation of its programmes and policies. The move does not seem to be clean as can be seen by the controversy the issue is generating. Don’t the Governors deserve to be treated better with either the Prime Minister or the Home Minister talking to them directly? When this is the case with Governors, one hopes nothing worse is in store for high-level officials who were seen to be close to the previous regime.

V. Rajagopalan,


Political parties are not generally known to practise what they preach. Even judged by India’s permissive standards of political conduct, the NDA government’s attempt to evict UPA-appointed Governors is a case of avoidable adventurism. Maximum governance is not merely about efficiency; it cannot ignore political ethics altogether. Having said this, one must also acknowledge the fact that some of the Governors now in the firing line had not been entirely fair in dealing with non-Congress governments. The government can still salvage its dented reputation by depoliticising appointments to the gubernatorial vacancies by selecting eminent people with apolitical backgrounds.

V.N. Mukundarajan,


Writer Sanjay Kumar is assuming that all Governors act by the book. Governors’ postings have become a political tool to post those who are disgruntled and unsuccessful in politics. The BJP alone cannot be blamed for this. However, the time has come to examine the possibility of abolishing this post altogether.

R. Nandakumar,


By transferring Gujarat Governor Kamla Beniwal to Mizoram (July 7), the BJP government is displaying its true colours. Treating the institution of Governor as one akin to a “truant babu” and effecting a punishment transfer to a remote location is strange.

P. Venugopalan,

Manjeri, Kerala

In the game of political one-upmanship, Raj Bhavans have almost become retirement homes for those who have no further political value. If treating the post of Governor, who is envisaged to act as a fulcrum and interface between the Centre and the State, with respect is not upheld it is wise to abolish it. It is time the recommendations of the Sarkaria and the M.M. Punchi Commissions are assessed soundly and people with apolitical backgrounds appointed to the post.

Duppali Rahul Yadev,


There is no meaning in the hue and cry over “forcing Governors out” in the wake of the change of government at the Centre. No doubt it will be a welcome precedent if they step down voluntarily and in accordance with their conscience. Our Constitution is solid but still has some shortcomings. The appointment of Governors is one such flaw. In fact, they should be elected by the people of the respective States directly or indirectly. The BJP government must work towards this.

T.K. Abdul Razack,


The writer has not mentioned the unethical manner of appointment of Governors. The fact is that most of the UPA appointees were either involved in some scam/corruption case and had lost elections or were elevated in acts of favouritism. Has this not degraded the dignity attached to the office of Governor? What is so unethical about removing unethically appointed Governors?

Akshay Dhadda,


The founding fathers of our Constitution while retaining the British Raj relic of a Governor for every State thought of the incumbent as a scrupulously apolitical person of highest erudition, experience, ethics and personal probity. And what have we got now? The office of the Governor has become totally compromised by the partisan politics played by the government at the Centre and the brazenly shameless behaviour of some of the incumbents. The anachronistic institution of the Governor should be in the firing line. The Modi government could extend a great favour to the nation if every extravagant Raj Bhavan is converted into a national cultural, heritage centre.

C.V. Venugopalan,


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