Divya Krishnan has aptly highlighted the taking things-and-persons-for granted milieu of today in her article “Sweetheart, can't you say ‘hello' to auntie?” (Oct.16). We forget that good words cost little but are worth much. Is the younger generation withdrawing into a cocoon? I feel the elders too are to blame. They fail to inculcate in the young the values of etiquette. Just to cite my case — considered a rather good petition-writer, mainly on service matters I, a septuagenarian, have often found many beneficiaries of my free service failing to say even a “thank you” once the authorities grant their requests.

C. Divakaran,


It is true that the behaviour of youngsters nowadays makes us raise our eyebrows. Innocence and simplicity have all but disappeared from their faces. Children playing in the park outside my house break my window panes often. They are rarely apologetic. I think we are to be blame for this attitude. When we give in to all their demands and make everything easy for them, where is the need for them to be humble?

Kala Chary,


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