The editorial “Diesel dilemma” (June 9) is vox populi. The government has to find out a way of subsidising owners of diesel motor cars. Diesel pollutes the environment more than petrol, as one can see from the state of government vehicles. Consumption must be discouraged by dual pricing.

Y. Jagannatham,


Dual pricing is the need of the hour. We cannot let the rich loot the country via subsidy meant for the vulnerable, i.e., our farmers.

Ajay Yagati,


Diesel should be dispensed from dedicated outlets (pumps) for heavy vehicles, light motor vehicles and for use in generating sets. The fuel for each category should be dyed (say, red for light motor vehicles, green for generators and neutral for heavy motor vehicles). Inspectors should carry out random checks on all users in each category and exemplary penalties levied for misuse. The pricing of diesel for each grade of user should be determined in accordance with analytically determined norms so as to ensure that subsidies are not misused and that the fuel cost for travel/movement, per kilometre, and power generation, for all users, is made as equitable as practical.

D.J.K. Cornelius,



Diesel dilemmaJune 9, 2012

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