The article “Commonwealth Games: a citizen's memoir” (Nov. 17), which exposed the hitherto unknown aspects of the run-up to CWG — the onslaught on environment and human values, the disruption of the daily lives of Delhites, the demolition and rebuilding of structures — struck me dumb with astonishment and agony.

But the mere exposure of those who dug up trees and were responsible for the electronic representation of a woman dancing in the nude will not suffice. They should be dealt with sternly.

V. Ramachandran,


Politicians do things only for their benefits — luxury, money, power and the like — not for our nation. Therefore, our culture, nature, morality, etc., are hardly of any concern to them. How to stop wasteful events such as the CWG and prevent the spending of public money on them is a moot question.

R. Babu Krishnaraj,


How lucid the article was! It should open the eyes of all Indians. The expense incurred on the CWG is a fit case for the Supreme Court to take up suo motu, and the CBI to conduct a detailed investigation.

M.M. Kale,


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