The editorial, “Commonwealth games” (Nov.18), is timely. It is well known that vociferous protests by almost all political parties in Tamil Nadu, compounded by the compulsions of coalition politics, led to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s absence at CHOGM. It is just as well that British Prime Minister David Cameron took the unprecedented step of visiting Jaffna to gather first-hand information on the magnitude of human rights violations and set a deadline for action. How relevant it would have been if Dr. Singh had done this job.

K.D. Viswanaathan,


One should congratulate Mr. Cameron on his positive role in Jaffna. Besides being a source of consolation for the Tamil population, it showed him as being proactive. Colombo would do well to address the burning issue of reconciliation, move quickly and take sincere steps in a transparent and fair manner to look into the subject of rights.

C.A.C. Murugappan,


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