Kancha Ilaih’s article “Caste, corruption and romanticism” (March 22) exposes the fact that notwithstanding principles of ‘objectivity’ and ‘value neutrality,’ Indian sociologists are influenced by the idealised Indian culture and value system. Their works have not been subjected to critical examination in the subaltern perspective.

V. Sreemannarayana Murthy,


Dalits need not write a better theory because Ambedkarism itself counters all anti Dalit-Bahujan theories. Spreading Ambedkarism at the grass root level is the best way to counter them.

Prabhakar Chouti,


The prevalence of corruption depends on people’s moral fibre, not caste. As for polygamy and divorce, they are more common among the affluent. Such theories will not carry much value unless they are empirically proved.

A.K.C. Kennedy,


Keywords: caste system

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