After reading the article “Halt this buying spree,” (Open Page, Oct. 16), I decided to share my experience with the readers. Fifteen years ago, I visited the annual exhibition in my town with my wife. In one stall, we were wooed by some salespersons to buy a vegetable chopper. We used it for a week or so, and found that it took a lot of time to slice vegetables. We were soon back to using the traditional kitchen knife. The chopper is now placed in the loft.

Another item which attracted us in the exhibition was an electric coffee filter. This too was in use for a couple of months. The regular coffee filter was back in use. The electric filter is now giving company to the chopper in the loft.

K. Sankaranarayanan,


The buying spree is more pronounced with respect to clothes. Dress and dress materials are purchased at the drop of a hat. No one really cares whether they are really necessary. As for the disposal of unused articles occupying valuable space, particularly in urban households, worthless sentiment leads to indecision.

Seshagiri Row Karry,


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