This is with reference to the article “Experiments with Aadhaar” (June 27). A section of the educated is against Aadhaar, casting doubts over the credibility in maintaining the secrecy of inputs into the system.

There is also a large section of people which has not got the Aadhaar card. The government has not issued specific guidelines on the usage of Aadhaar, either on its use or on corrections/changes to it.

Without addressing all the practical difficulties associated with biometrics, experimenting with rural masses is a bad idea.

C.R. Ananthanarayanan,


I am a citizen of India and currently a resident of Hong Kong. This country has a parallel system called the Hong Kong ID (HKID) card, which has been in use for a long time. HKID has enabled extremely efficient distribution of all government services — health care, police, emergency services, etc. Also, other private services like banking are extremely convenient. Even immigration is a breeze. HKID and totally automated systems ensure this.

Therefore, any opposition to Aadhaar is short-sighted. I am not saying that Aadhaar is the master key to all the government’s problems. But it will usher in efficiencies in a lot of government processes, which is the need of the hour.

Apurva A. Godbole,

Hong Kong


Experiments with AadhaarJune 27, 2012

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