The suspension of the Indian Olympic Association by the International Olympic Committee (Dec. 5) is alarming and a setback to sporting affairs in India. One can expect scandals to tumble out, especially after the example of the Commonwealth Games which revealed the true colours of our sports administrators. Even if the suspension is revoked through tiring deliberations in the coming days, what has happened is a serious blot. The organisation should now go in for a complete overhaul, with an administration that is completely sportscentric. Having untainted and knowledgeable people to head such institutions with the highest standards of probity is not an extravagant demand.

Arjun R. Shankar,


While there is an urgent need for sports bodies in the country to be brought under government regulation, it is another matter that the government is hand in glove with wrongdoers who administer sports bodies.

J. Anantha Padmanabhan,


It is not an exaggeration to say that sports associations have become hubs for corrupt, self-seeking, elderly individuals who do not know what sports is all about. Wherever elections are held, politicians will rush to stand for them. It is time the government wound up the sports ministry and handed over all matters relating to sports to ex- or present sportspersons.

M.V. Nahusharaj,


India, with 1.2.billion people, has an inglorious record of not winning even a single gold medal in the recently held London Olympics. Now, the IOC has struck a heavy blow.

The attempts by some to install people of doubtful integrity and dubious reputation in the sports body speaks volumes about our inept sports administration which is the root cause of the failures of our athletes and sportspersons in the global arena. It is sad that sports bodies have come to be known as clubs where its administrators can indulge in corruption, favouritism and power politics and, in turn, destroy the country’s image.

A. Michael Dhanaraj,


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