The article “We need teachers, not tyrants” (Open Page, Nov. 13) by Dr. Bhanumati Mishra was timely. I would like to share an incident with readers. My granddaughter studying in class seven in a reputed school was punished by her maths teacher for not bringing her homework notebook. She was asked to stand on her knees for three periods of 40 minutes each. Her knees were injured and we had to give her medical treatment. Just think of the pain and humiliation the young girl was subjected to for such a small lapse. I met the principal and gave a complaint. She promised to look into the matter but said she was unaware of such punishment in her school. Is it not the duty of the principal to go on rounds to see what is happening in classrooms?

Punishment may be necessary to discipline children but it should be civilised and within decent limits. As for parents, I feel it is they who are afraid of bringing such incidents to the notice of the authorities fearing reprisal.

T.E. Sreedharan,


Yes. We need teachers, not tyrants, to prepare not citizens but rogues. Students today indulge in all kinds of indecent activities — something unheard of in the past. Smoking, drug abuse, and sexual abuse are common among the young. Disobedience to parents and teachers has increased beyond limits. Why? Because of our so-called liberal thinkers.

Only a few can be brought around by mild disciplining. Many students need to be severely disciplined. Parents are scared to be strict with children. They expect schools to do the job. Punishment is restricted by law and a few education ‘consultants.' As a result, we find a society that is full of educated criminals. Before opposing punitive treatment in schools, let us remember the saying, “He who spares the rod hates his son.”

S.T. Daniel,



We need teachers, not tyrantsNovember 12, 2011

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