The high point of my childhood was when I managed to travel in an Ambassador (“Ode to the Ambassador,” May 30). With a tank-like engine and a body frame that could weather accidents and calamities, it was like living in a benevolent kingdom where the king (the car) ensured that his subjects (passengers) were always happy and in comfort.

The Ambassador car is a true symbol of India — generous and warm-hearted (“Ode to the Ambassador,” May 30). I learnt to drive on this car and was captivated by its gauges and dials which could be operated by all those in the front seat. The present generation has no idea about what it is missing.

G. Satyanarayana, Hyderabad

I wish the Ambassador and the Fiat make a comeback. These are the cars for Indian roads. Reliable, sturdy and for the family.

The Ambassador is perhaps the only car that was a laboratory for mechanics and auto shops. I remember a time when to buy it took years as there was a waiting list which led buyers to develop a love-hate relationship with it. It could carry heavy loads in its boot and on the roof carrier. We once could fit in over a dozen passengers! It was a four-wheeler that entered the soul of Indians.

I was born the same year India began liberalising its economy. I never got a chance to drive the car. I have now decided to buy a car. After reading Professor Shiv Visvanathan’s article, I am certain my first car will be an Ambassador.

Karthik Kumar C., Tiruchi

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