This refers to the report “Facebook, Google face prosecution” (Jan. 14). I strongly support the government's move against social networking websites, including Facebook and Google. Many obscene pictures and provocative information are being shared on Facebook. The recent hacking of some hundreds of accounts showed the fallibility of its security system. Google websites too contain a lot of obscene spam.

Today, even a class 5 student has access to social networking websites and is exposed to mature content. Therefore, measures need to be taken against the material being released on the Internet. No doubt Facebook is one of the best social networking websites and Google an all-round product. But the rise in the obscene content is hampering values and is very disturbing.

Sahitya Billuri,


It's time the social networking sites understood what the government is trying to say to them. The printing of objectionable matter, anti-national rhetoric, etc., are not healthy. Let the sites stop worrying about creating records, and do things within a decent framework.

Satish Srinivasan,


Let us make a deal with the government. Let it screen all public places for terrorists and explosive devices. If it can keep India free from terror attacks for the next 10 years, let it ban Facebook for 20 years.

Uma Dongre,


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